McLintock Guardians

Because you love your home.

Your house needs care, even when you aren't home. McLintock Guardian is a full-scale property maintenance management service that ensures your home stays in the best possible condition year-round, whether or not you're around.


  • •Check for leaks, dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine. Check sinks, flush all toilets, turn on tubs and showers to fill traps in water.
  • •Check air filters make sure they are cleaned. If new ones are needed replace them (additional cost for filters)
  • •Check hot water heater, if you have electric,we turn it off, if you have gas we turn it down.
  • •Make sure all windows, patio doors and other doors are locked.
  • •Make sure the thermostat is turned to the temperature that you requested.
  • •If there are any problems or questions we will contact you and if there are any decisions to be made it can be made at that time.


  • The services below are available for additional price:
  • •Vehicle Start-Up - Tire Pressure Maintentance
  • •Carpet Cleaning
  • • Window Cleaning
  • •House Cleaning
  • •Flat Roof Inspections

You will receive a checklist twice a month. If we find any emergency, you will be informed and taken care of immediately.

You can rest assured that our professionals will give you the individualized attention that you need. With over 40 years of experience, our team is clearly dedicated to serving our clients. When it comes to repair, maintenance, or emergency prevention, we will handle every aspect of caring for your home.


Please Note:

Any additional services will be billed separately from the monthly fee.
The $100 a month will take care of any home up to 6,000ft.

“McLINTOCK!” Guardians.
  (License #068252, Bonded, Insured)